[clug] how to test blank laptop screen

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon Jan 4 16:48:56 MST 2010

On 05/01/2010, at 10:41 , Lana Brindley wrote:

> There was an extensive discussion on this list about testing laptop
> screens, fairly recently. Google is your friend :)

Keywords that helped me were "laptop screen backlight clug". Of course, if you knew the details of the conversation you could include "doris" as well.

Short version for Eyal is: "yes, you can check if the screen is functioning by shining a bright light onto it". In fact, that's how I used to use my laptop to save battery: turn off the backlight, sit in the Sun (but that was back in the days of my PowerBook 160, when colour LCDs were rare and expensive).


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