[clug] HP netbooks @ Myers in Belconnen

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> Myers at Belconnen has 2 HP mini Netbooks for sale if anyone is in the
> market. Old models, but you'd expect warranty.
> $349 1109TU - Atom N270 1.6Ghz, 1Gb RAM, *60*GB drive, black
> IIRC $399 1118TU - N270, 1GB, 80GB drive, *red*
> No idea of battery life/size.
> I believe displays are 10.1", 1024x600. Intel GMA 950 (perhaps)
I researched these a little, a month ago, when JB HiFi were clearing out the Linux model for ~$400.  HP's specs put the screen resolution at 1024 x 576.  I gather that HP had a customised version of Linux on it.  A little exploration got it to reveal that the installed system was "hardy" Ubuntu.
The Linux variant (only, it appears) had a 16 G SSHD.  All the Windows variants had HDD.
Hardy is a bit dated and that resolution was not supported in my preferred distro - openSUSE.  The resolution may well be supported by X, but it's a while since I installed a generic X.
> Why didn't I buy one of them?
> I'd probably end up not using it very much :-(
> There are a few pieces on the Net about problems in usability and
> robustness... Not to mention, wee-beaties go more than a little slowly..
> Compared to current model, not a "great" deal - good, but not great.
> RRP $599 for HP Mini 110-1157TU PC
>  + Atom N280 1.66 GHz, 512 KB L2 Cache, 667 MHz FSB (vs 533 for N270)
>  + 250 GB 5400 rpm drive
> Hope this is useful to someone :-)
> s

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