[clug] Linux compatible external Thermometer

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Tue Feb 23 04:47:24 MST 2010

Paul wrote:
> just as a hobby I would like to start measure the outside/inside temps 
> and I would be interested if anyone has used some sort serial or USB 
> thermometer on there Linux box?
> Note preferably a cheaper device ie around $20
I've never done it but the microphone port is an Analog to Digital 
converter. So you actually need a thermistor and perhaps a voltage 
divider... total cost is probably under $5 from Jaycar, half of that for 
the microphone plug. You would have to make it up yourself but it's 
fairly easy and a bit of fun.

The OLPC project had applications that used the microphone port for 
things like this.


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