[clug] Note to self: working with embedded systems

Brian brians at en.com.au
Wed Feb 17 16:54:06 MST 2010

I bought a 10.1" netbook (Asus 1001HA) and installed Ubuntu with 
encrypted home
to use to take system notes, setups etc as I am doing the install for 
the same reason.

Small netbook with 6 hr battery just gets opened on the workbench and 
make notes as you go.

Just started using Zim (desktop wiki) to organise notes and session and 
setups but keep the
serial numbers etc in a text file.

Camera is also good to record lots of details, serial numbers, etc to 
save writing and errors.


Alex Satrapa wrote:
> Note to self:
> When messing about with embedded systems such as WRT-54G, stick a note on the outside of the physical device indicating whether it is a DHCP client, DHCP server, or has a fixed IP address.
> On this note, also indicate the means to manage the device, eg: SSH using keys only, specific key is X. Or simple username/password.
> If using SSH keys for login to a device, make damned sure that key is backed up somewhere.
> Make sure you snarf a mirror of the entire documentation for your software of choice, since the software may be dead, bought out, or just plain obsoleted by the time you come back to tinker with that device in two years time.  Or you might even need that device to get you connected to the Internet in order to read the online documentation.
> Hope this helps someone else
> Alex

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