[clug] Using speedier public DNS for Internet browsing?

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Feb 16 18:30:37 MST 2010

> That's not a bad idea. How do you decide on a blacklist?

For a while I used XBL from spamhaus but as the name implies it really
is made for smtp not web. Same rules apply though.

> What are the issues  that mean you don't use a public blacklist anymore? What do you use instead?

It wasn't "web focused" meaning I like my tin-foil hat and use dnsmasq
to block cookies and clicktrackers and the likes.
*.googlesyndication.com for example. Problem is this doesn't always
work as such companies are in business for a reason, some pages refuse
to load unless you have loaded the javascript of the

So for now I just block a few things manually.  I have also uses the
firefox NoScript extension but building your own whitelist can get a
tad tedious with just about every site using javascript for navigation
these days. (I want those cool rolling menus!  stuff content.)


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