[clug] Using speedier public DNS for Internet browsing?

Tom.Minchin at csiro.au Tom.Minchin at csiro.au
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I haven't any experience with namebench.

However on using non-localised DNS, one thing you will find that using DNS resolvers not from your ISP is that any local content redirection may stop working (eg unmetered content which uses the ISP's DNS resolvers to connect you to will not longer work).

If you use Google's then you'll find that Content Distribution Networks such as Akamai will also get confused and start giving you US sites to download rather than local Australian ones. Google has responded to this criticism by putting in an RFC to modify DNS... This too may give you grief with previously unmetered CDN content becoming metered.

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I have stumbled across the following article:


The title of the article says it all.

I note that "namebench" is a Google offering; it dates from Jan 04 and 
has been downloaded by some 6000 users since then.   Has anyone tried 

Also, any <comments|caveats> to using a publicly-available DNS for 
browsing. Is the cake worth the candle?

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