[clug] Internode dumps FOSS for MS Exchange

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 20:47:09 MST 2010

What really annoys me about this is not how good or bad FOSS  
offereings are but that Microsoft goes to a lot of trouble to make  
sure with each version it puts out that nothing much works with it  
except real Microsoft products.  It takes a lot of work to break  
everything else but not your own products.

However good FOSS is it hasn't been able to match MS lock-out so far.


On 2010/Feb/16, at 1:20 PM, Alex Satrapa wrote:

> On 16/02/2010, at 12:35 , Chris Smart wrote:
>> If Internode can't get it right, what hope does the rest of the  
>> world have?
> What chance has the world of getting it right if, every time someone  
> has that particular itch to scratch, they choose proprietary  
> platforms?
> The specific itch to scratch here is:
> 1. synchronising an address book between multiple clients without  
> using MobileMe
> 2. making appointments with groups of people, taking into account  
> free/busy time
> 3. making appointments which use specific shared resources (eg:  
> rooms, projectors)
> What open source software is available which allows this kind of  
> thing to be done? It's acceptable if (1) is solved separately to (2)  
> and (3), but all three must work with a range of client software.  
> Calendars would be most helpful if they handled vCal and DAV, since  
> that's what Mozilla Sunbird and Apple iCal are currently capable of.
> I notice that the Internode article was very light on detailing how  
> open source products failed to satisfy.  No mention of products that  
> were tried, and specific implementation issues which caused problems  
> (you know, things that could go into feature requests or bug  
> reports).  A most unhelpful writeup that reads more like a Microsoft  
> PR piece than anything.
> Until calendaring and contact management becomes an itch for people  
> outside the corporate world to scratch, I don't see these problems  
> being solved.
> Alex
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