[clug] request for comment: new keysigning protocol

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Wed Feb 10 05:09:01 MST 2010

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On 08/02/10 10:56, Nemo Maelstrom Thorx wrote:
> I think there would be alot of visual shortcutting through simple
> pattern comparisons. And since 0-9A-F has little in the way of obvious
> O/0 mixups to occur, it shoulnd't be too hard. _especially_ if all are
> printed in the same font/size. :) An argument might be able to be put
> forward to providing ones key on semi-transparent paper for such needs
> in fact. Only if the font sizes were guaranteed to be identical though

One thought on this.  Write the key as a big blob of binary using - or |
symbols for 0 or 1.  Then overlaying the two prints should be immediately
obvious whether the keys are the same.

QR codes might also work for this.  Print each QR code on clear plastic, then
overlay the two prints and scan the code.  If it reads the same, you have the
same code.  Since QR codes include a checksum, the level of bit twiddling
necessary to fool the checksum should be obvious to the naked eye, and vice versa.

Have fun,

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