[clug] Electric vehicles [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Davis, Ron Ron.Davis at dva.gov.au
Sun Feb 7 23:13:33 MST 2010

Steve Jenkin commented:
There are two massive 'gotchas' in building anything "road legal":
 - Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance,
 - cost of building prototypes is proportional to size of vehicle

=> Embrace the classic Open-Source 'stealth mode' model and avoid these
[For example, 'gophers'/mobility scooters can do 10 kph on footpaths. No
license or rego. BUT only alllowed on roads if no footpath. Single seat,
110kg limit, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah]

Rules vary between States. NSW & ACT differ... Don't have good links :-(


I recall some tabloid TV show reported in 2008/9 about a guy trying to
import (from Europe?) a nifty 3-wheel electric thingy. It was stuck in
Customs because in Oz it's classified as a car and needed ADR

Yes, I had this problem too, when I was importing a Segway
Difficult to convince the Dept of Transport that a vehicle with no
brakes (in the conventional sense) could possibly be safe. :)

Got an import permit in the end however. 

The Segway is a fine example of how things "should work."  
I've taught dozens of people to ride one in only a few minutes, it is
completely intuitive.



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