[clug] .gvfs trouble

Scott Ferguson prettyfly.productions at gmail.com
Sat Feb 6 22:18:56 MST 2010

> Yes, it is not clear enough. The timestamps in the mounted gvfs (as seen on my
> machine) are not correct, being one hour off from what they are when viewed on
> the camera itself. Reading the CF in a card reader does show the correct time.
> Eyal
That answer one of my (unasked) questions. I was wondering whether the 
timestamp corruption was happening during the transfer - meant to ask if 
the timestamp of the pictures (whilst still in the camera) was correct...

Do you have your OS setup to use UTC? Is your BIOS time set to -10 EST? 
(If so I've seen the problem before).

What camera make and model are you using?

What flavour and version? (I'm guessing "Ubuntu").

Could you try logging into a console-only mode (to bypass gvfs), plug in 
your camera - then do a "lsusb" (if you are connecting the camera via 
USB, "dmesg | tail -n 15", a "fdisk -l" (if the camera shows in it) and 
"uname -r"??

Some devices do allow switching to a "simple storage mode"....


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