[clug] [OT] quest for keyboards

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Wed Feb 3 04:08:07 MST 2010

Paul Wayper wrote:
> On 02/02/10 09:54, Lana Brindley wrote:
>> I considered switching to Dvorak (and still might, but the learning
>> curve frightens me).
> There's actually little practical evidence that Dvorak keyboards are that much
> faster.  Most of the evidence is anecdotal...
I don't think that Dvorak keyboards are faster and that's certainly not 
why I switched.  The biggest bottleneck in my typing speed is my brain 

Dvorak is more comfortable and less effort than Qwerty.  You essentially 
move less.  The negative programming argument is due to the semicolon 
moving off the home row, on the flip side the -, > and . characters are 
easier to reach and just as commonly used.

I've never seen someone use a chorded keyboard or seen one for sale.  
I'd love to try one, especially a design like the Twiddler, but that 
hasn't even been sold for years.


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