[clug] Canberra electric vehicles group - first contact

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Mon Feb 1 16:01:57 MST 2010

Alot of that cost would be batteries which are coming down in price 
fast. Try


I know a lot of RC guy who buy stuff from there. Be careful with your 
batteries as the number of charge-discharge cycles you can get from 
various manufacturers can vary greatly and the voltage-amperage 
characteristics can also vary a great deal even on batteries with the 
same supposed C rating. If your putting a large battery pack together 
you may which to purchase a small number of batteries first and test 
cycle them with a test load similar to the intended application (in some 
application you may only get 25 cycles on low quality batteries).

There's also a battery manufacturer out there who will make to order. No 
idea of the pricing and  the name escapes me, but if anyone is 
interested I can probably dig it up.

As to the go-kart question, there's a go-kart store in Mitchell on 
Heffernan St. They may know were you can find an old second hand chassis.

Stable Karting
77 Heffernan St
Mitchell ACT 2911

(02) 6241 0446

Lastly, here's a link a friend sent me yesterday of a 6k5W bike: 


On 2/02/10 7:55 AM, Michael Still wrote:
> Paul Wayper wrote:
>> Firstly, there's a lot of interest in the local group in starting a 
>> EV racing
>> standard and, within one to two years, getting actual races happening.
>> Initial ideas revolved around a standard car chassis that is fully CAMS
>> approved (which is necessary for official racing), but then someone 
>> mentioned
>> go-karts as a lower-cost entry level category which also got a lot of 
>> nods.
> I don't think this is as true as you'd think. I had a quick look on 
> ebay, and a used gokart is $2000+, for which you can get an ok car. 
> Sure, the kart has a motor you can strip off and sell, but I think 
> you're still talking about a lot of money for a development platform.
> http://www.canberraev.org/ has some details about converting a petrol 
> car to EV, which they say should cost about $15,000. Here is a guy in 
> Canberra who did one: http://www.evalbum.com/2468
> Mikal

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