[clug] [OT] quest for keyboards

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Mon Feb 1 15:30:58 MST 2010

Andreas Bauer wrote:
> So, what keyboards can you recommend for someone who types *a lot*,
> where did you buy yours?  Also, if you do happen to have an old IBM
> Model M lying around that is unused, I'd be willing to pay a
> reasonable price for it.
I have used old spring keyboards and my memory is that they were very noisy.

Personally I switched to using a dvorak keyboard layout many years ago 
when I was getting slight pains from typing.  That transition made far 
more difference than changing keyboards ever has.  However it does 
impact on your productivity in the short term (~2 months) as you relearn 
how to type.

I investigated cordless keyboards recently with a preference for 
bluetooth models.  I ended up with a Logitech Wave keyboard as part of a 
wave pro mouse, keyboard combo.  It works well for me though there is a 
slight rearrangement of the home/end keys which I prefer but it makes 
the work transition a little frustrating.  In general there aren't any 
good bluetooth keyboards, they all use a usb thing.  The Logitech I 
chose was one of the few which advertised a decent encryption scheme, I 
purchased it at the computer fair for well below recommended retail.


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