[clug] Two level python iterator

Hugh Fisher hugh.fisher at anu.edu.au
Wed Dec 8 20:20:26 MST 2010

jm wrote:
> One for the python developers out there.
> I have a class which stores data in a hash of a hash and I which I wish 
> to iterate over all the entries. Something like that shown below. What 
> do I write for the __iter__ and next methods so that I can loop over the 
> data with one for loop? Been thinking in languages other than python 
> lately and just can't see the answer at the moment.
> class TwoLevel:
> ....
>    def add_data(self, idx1, idx2, value):
>      self.data[idx1][idx2] = value
>   def __iter__(self):
>      # what goes here
>   def next(self):
>      # and here

You could use the itertools module, which creates iterators over
multiple iterable objects. (I'm assuming you use lists or something
for the levels of your data structure.)

import itertools

def __iter__ (self):
	return itertools.chain.from_iterable(self.data)

# No next(self) required

If you need to control the order a bit more precisely or munge your
own data structures, the code is something like:

def __iter__ (self):
	return self	# Object itself implements next()

def next (self):
	for outer in self.data:
		for inner in outer:
			yield inner
	raise StopIteration

Hope this helps.

	Hugh Fisher

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