[clug] Picking a VM for Debian servers: KVM/Qemu, XEN or VirtualBox

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Fri Apr 30 03:25:48 MDT 2010

We'll be getting some new Xeon 5500/5600 servers soon and I need to
setup a robust VM system for the services running on some. Notably the
databases. Yes, we love MySQL and Postgres equally :-)

Necessary requirements are "off the shelf" in Debian, 'Live Migration'
and mature implementation. [I need to be able to move the production
DB's between servers on demand for operational reasons.]

Good/simple management interface is next - but these are in the server
room and probably firewalled (port filtered), so X-11 or VNC unlikely,
expect over SSH.

If we were running RedHat/Centos, then KVM is a natural...

I'd dearly like to run 'containers' alongside these VM's as well.
There are some references to Promox (?) and Opennode supporting KVM and
OpenVZ together. [and saw a sideways ref to recursive KVM]

Any war stories, comments for/against, preferences or quibbles?
Ie. What VM do you use, and why?

Did I miss an obvious Opensource VM system? I don't think VMware server
is quite what I want...


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