[clug] Super Dumb question. Network filesystems: NFS, CIFS and ???

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Tue Apr 27 05:56:59 MDT 2010

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On 24/04/10 21:47, Miles Goodhew wrote:
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>> Sorry to post such a blitheringly stupid question [hope it amuses some].
>> What are the non-raw filesystems available over the network?
>   WebDav? Can work over The Internet reasonably encrypted if you need
> it to. Nevertheless I have an allergy to the amount of inappropriate
> technology people have been piling on top of HTML/HTTP over the last
> decade or so. WebDav works very easily on McOS (I recall that's what
> "Dot Mac"/"Mobile Me" uses for its file-sharing bit). I'm vaguely
> confident it works pretty straightforwardly under Linux too. As you'd
> expect, it is a bit of a challenge under Windows derivatives. For
> XP/Win32 there's a free closed-source tool called NetDrive that does
> much of what you'd expect. It doesn't work under x64 though. I keep
> hearing rumours that Win7 has this built into the OS, but I've yet to
> get it to actually work. It seems to be the usual "Windows Hell" to do
> with which authentication protocols it permits (i.e. those that
> sharepoint server supports, presumably). I think that if you _DO_ get
> it going you may still need to "over-hack" this with "subst" to get a
> drive letter from a UNC path (if you need one).

Windows has had WebDAV inbuilt since Windows 2000.  It's possible to put a
WebDAV URL into a 'Network location' dialog and have it open it from there.


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