[clug] Super Dumb question. Network filesystems... (linux Digest, Vol 88, Issue 35, Message 3)

Miles Goodhew mgoodhew at gmail.com
Sun Apr 25 20:12:06 MDT 2010

> Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2010 15:23:04 +1000
> From: Carlo Hamalainen <carlo.hamalainen at gmail.com>
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>        <r2n46ba3d381004242223qcfef1098k55634a29c61c120 at mail.gmail.com>
> I tried copying a 690Mb file from the SheevaPlug to my EEEPC using
> sshfs. CPU usage hovered around 40% on the SheevaPlug. I timed it four
> times:

  At the risk of just firing-off half-baked musings into the list,
it's struck me many times in the past that it'd be nice if SSH and
friends allowed an unencrypted mode (in the same way that compression
can be turned on and off).
  When operating on a secure network with low-risk data and possibly
underpowered/overloaded processing nodes, it'd be nice to be able to
do away with the encryption overhead sometimes. The general
improvement in capability of SSH over RSH and the like are worth it on
their own right (e.g. tunneling, SSHFS and SFTP modes).

There ya go.

Miles Goodhew,
Executive Computer Scientist

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