[clug] OT: ADSL2+ and AM radio interference

Adam Baxter voltagex at voltagex.org
Sun Apr 25 08:53:00 MDT 2010

Can anyone on this list confirm or deny some of the things said on this

"Interference from AM radio transmitters is a known cause of noise induction
into the copper network."

*  I've been getting quite a bit of radio interference when listening to ABC
on AM. Coincidentally my ADSL sync speed and reliability has been degrading
steadily. Are these related?
* Are noisy AC-DC adapters to blame? If so, how can I isolate which one
without unplugging my whole house?
* Is there a way (other than ye-olde AM receiver) to measure where/what the
noise is?
* Would strategically placed ferrite "lifesavers" help or is it snake-oil?
* Is there any way to shield the modem itself? (

Thanks guys.

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