[clug] Virtual serial ports

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Apr 21 19:43:55 MDT 2010

Adrian wrote on 22/04/10 9:39 AM:
> I have a dual serial RS232 port to Ethernet converter. I need to run 2
> minicom session on a machine that will talk via two virtual serial
> ports, then over IP to the converter. I understand that there is a
> common standard for doing this and thus I hope that the hardware I have
> supports this standard. I cannot locate the Linux drivers or how to
> create and install such a virtual serial port.  Any suggestions?
> Adrian

something like 'netcat' from the receiving end back into the
serial-ethernet device will work, depending on what you want to do, like
capture the output of some monitoring devices.
(it's a terminal server by another name)

failing that, you'd expect the device to be programmable to telnet into

The manufacturer has to document what TCP ports are used and how.
Terminal server manufacturers often provide some sort of server software
to manage them and/or connect.

There's gotta be a good reason you couldn't use a USB-serial adaptor,
you're no fool and you're work needs good/leading-edge engineering
solutions :-)


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