[clug] Losing data over a samba mount

Carlo Hamalainen carlo.hamalainen at gmail.com
Wed Apr 21 19:31:05 MDT 2010


(I know this isn't the Samba mailing list :)

I have about 9Mb of csv files sitting on a Samba mount (the remote
server is Windows Server 2003). I tried to do some basic search and
replace with Perl and got this message:

$ find . -iname '*csv' -exec perl -i -p -e's/something/new/g' '{}' ';'
Can't remove ./blah.csv: Text file busy, skipping file.

That's weird because no one else was using that file.

Also when editing a file with vi I was told that the local file had
changed (a bunch of lines turned into question marks). Is there any
way to tweak the mount options so that something has a shorter
timeout, perhaps? Or is it a bad idea to do this kind of work over a
slow-ish VPN link? (The client is Ubuntu 9.04)

Carlo Hamalainen

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