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> 3 years ago PV panels that used mono-crystalline silicon were
> considered
> the best that were commercially available in Australia (and were priced
> accordingly). Since then thin amorphous silicon films have become
> readily available. These are much cheaper to produce and hence systems
> based on them ought to be cheaper to install.
> Based on my (very limited) search, this does not appear to be the case.

Yes, thin film in Australia hasn't yet had sufficient demand to really take
off - the ones that are on the market (like Unisolar) are more expensive as
they have "special" properties like being flexible, producing more real
power over time (they don't derate as much as traditional cells), etc.

If you want thin film panels, the cheapest way to get hold of them is to
import them - alibaba.com is your friend for that :) You just need enough
friends who also want them to meet the minimum order quantity from the

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