[clug] OT: Solar power recommendations and advice

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Tue Apr 20 16:52:31 MDT 2010

Paul Wayper wrote:
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> On 19/04/10 23:18, Alastair D'Silva wrote:
>> Hey Paul,
>> Have you signed up for the feed-in tariff? It is currently set at $0.505 per
>> kWh.
>> http://www.actewagl.com.au/faqs/faqs.aspx?ArticleId=299
> Yes.  In addition, we discovered that you have to actually write to them and
> ask them to credit your account, or they just keep on building your credit
> balance up.  Les grand prix pour les idiots blitherant.  Don't yet know if we
> have to do that every quarter - if we do we will be phoning managers.

I directly asked Armarda about that bit when they quoted, and they 
assured me that there wasn't any paperwork burden like that. We shall 
see if you're just "lucky" I suppose.


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