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On Mon, 19 Apr 2010 21:11:34 +1000, Paul Wayper wrote:

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> On 18/04/10 19:09, Paul wrote:
>> sorry not Linux related but I have heard some people have some
>> knowledge on Solar Power (PV) , so looking to jump into this and would
>> like some advice and recommendations for installers etc..

> We have a 2.15KW system (all we could fit on the sunny bit of roof -
> curse our inconveniently-shaped house) and I'd guess it generates around
> $200 or so per year (and saves us paying for about $1500 worth of
> electricity per year). That's a rough guide and your wattage may vary
> :-)

I, and possibly a few others, would be interested to get details of the 
track-record of installed systems after they have been running 12/24 

For the record, I went into cost/benefit details of solar power after 
listening to the TV debate between John Howard and Kevin Rudd.  I decided 
that neither of them was seriously concerned about climate change and 
that *I*  was in no position to criticise them unless I did something 
more constructive.

The outcome of my inquiries into domestically-generated solar power were 
*highly* negative - as far as contributing to diminish greenhouse gas 
emissions.  I found that the solar systems then on offer might (averaged 
over a 24 hour period) generate more electricity than I use on summer 
days (when my consumption is small), but even the largest available 
system was totally inadequate to generate the electricity that I use on 
winter days (when electricity is used [in heat-banks] to keep the house 
warm).  And, even in summer, the system generates *no* electricity when I 
use most of it (at night). 

I also concluded that if domestically-generated electric power became 
widespread, it might impact on the profit margins of existing power 
generators; it would do little to diminish greenhouse gas emissions. At 
best, it might contribute to putting a few highly toxic power generators 
out of business.

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