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For those that want to use a downloader you'll have to pick one and  
use svn/bzr to keep it up to date with ABC's regular updates. Use  
rtmpdump1.9 - v2.x is a little iffy with some front ends.
On the upside I've learned python by sorting out how to hack iView...

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>> Something that's Way Off Topic [WOT]...
>> What sort of results do others get from streaming video - like  
>> iView??
> It varies. I have a 3G connection (not too quick) so I don't watch the
> streaming video - I cache it, copy the temp file, convert to an  
> indexed
> video format and watch at my leisure. NOTE: iview doesn't cache the
> movie to /tmp
>> With "Dr. Who" being released first on iView, I had to have a go...
>> Wasn't all that impressed.
>> My old 1.3Ghz PPC Mac couldn't hack it.
>> Played tolerably well on dual core 2.5Ghz Intel with NVIDIA 9400.
>> But not always perfectly, especially near the start.
>> Didn't try for Full-Screen.
>> Is this just an issue with Adobe Flash?
> Yes. The GNU swf viewer will not cut it.
> See this for format information:-
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Real_Time_Messaging_Protocol
> Must be Adobe 10 (from
> http://noisymime.org/blog/2010/03/abc-iview-on-boxee/)
> The ABC have enabled a function called SWF Verification on their RTMP
> stream. This is something that Adobe offer on top of their RTMP  
> products
> despite the fact that they omitted it from the public RTMP spec. That
> wouldn’t be so bad, except that they are now going after open source
> products that implement this, threatening them with cease and desists.
> Going slightly technical for a minute, SWF Verification is NOT a real
> protection system. It does not encrypt the content being sent nor does
> it actually prevent people copying it. The system works by  
> requesting a
> ‘ping’ every 60-90 seconds. If the player can’t provide the  
> correct
> response (Which is made up of things such as the date and time and the
> phrase “Genuine Adobe Flash Player 001″) then the server stops the
> streaming. Hardly high tech stuff.
> And:
> I should’ve mentioned this originally, Andy and I did actually conta 
> ct
> the iView team at the ABC regarding SWF verification. They responded
> with the following:
> Thanks for contacting us re-Boxee. We agree that it’s a great platfo 
> rm
> and ultimately appropriate for iView iteration. Currently we’re work 
> ing
> out our priorities this year for our small iView team, in terms of
> extended content offerings, potential platforms and general  
> enhancements
> to the site.
> Just some background on our security settings. We have content
> agreements with various content owners (individuals, production
> companies, US TV networks etc) a number require additional security,
> such as SWF hashing. Our content owners also consider non-ABC  
> rendering
> of that content as not in the spirit of those agreements.
> We appreciate the effort you have put into the plug-in and your  
> general
> interest in all things iView. So once we are on our way with our
> development schedule for “out of the browser” iView, we’ll  
> hopefully be
> in a position to share our priorities a little more. We would like to
> keep in touch with you this year and if you have any questions or
> comments my direct email is ********@abc.net.au.
>> Is it my (slow) 1.5Mbps link and ISP?
>> Do things like VLC work significantly better?
>> If the NBN ever rolls out at an affordable price, video streaming has
>> gotta Just Work, and consumer equipment to do that has to be sub- 
>> $500.
>> Any ideas on how they're going to make it work?
>> s
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> If you are still having problems try
> http://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/?tag=ABC%20iView%20Downloader (platform
> independant)
> or http://rtmpdump.mplayerhq.hu/
> There are (Windoze) tutorials here
> http://stream-recorder.com/forum/www-abc-net-au-stream-ripping-adobe-t3526.html?s=5bf69e4886fa40ecdf318040f1da916b&amp 
> ;
> Hope this helps you solve your viewing problem
> Cheers, Scott
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