[clug] eBooks from scratch

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Apr 15 21:28:00 MDT 2010

For a future CLUG presentation, I'd like to do an interactive session of building an ePub book all the way from raw source (eg: existing collection of HTML, ReStructured Text, plain text, POD) through to reading the book on some kind of reader.

What I'm proposing is a presentation interleaved with interactive components, more or less along the lines of a tutorial.

At present the plan would be:
 - Overview of ePub format
   - Comparison to straight HTML
   - Comparison to PDF
 - Inventory of tools for ePub:
   - construction
   - validation
   - delivery
   - reading
 - Presentation of sample materials
   - Collection of HTML files
   - PyDoc
   - POD documentation such as HTTP::Mechanize
   - ReStructured Text
   - Plain text
 - Preparation of support materials
   - Table of contents
 - Construction of ePub book
 - Validation of ePub book
 - Publication of ePub book
 - Reading of ePub book
   - Okular
   - Stanza
   - iBooks

If anyone has pointers to software or tutorials relevant to such a presentation, could you contact me off-list?

Thank you!

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