[clug] PXE Boot and Debian Installer

Alex Satrapa alexsatrapa at mac.com
Sat Oct 31 03:07:08 MDT 2009

Now that I know what keywords to look for, I've stumbled across this  
writeup which would have saved me a few weeks of spare time:


This describes pretty much exactly what I was showing folks last night:
  - Set up DHCP server
  - Set up TFTP server
  - Set up HTTP server (that walkthrough glosses over this step)
  - Set up syslinux for network boot
  - Set up preseed file

The PXE client will boot up, retrieve syslinux, boot into Debian- 
Installer, fetch the preseed file, and magically install the system  
you've configured in the preseed file.

Thanks to the help from you folk at the meeting, I now have Debian  
"Lenny" and Ubuntu "Hardy Heron" set up as automatic install options.   
The magic required to do this will shortly be making its way to  
github, just as soon as I have the opportunity to repeat the  
experiment on my Ubuntu laptop.


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