[clug] giving away cat 6 UTP cable

David Schoen dave at lyte.id.au
Thu Oct 29 23:37:26 MDT 2009

Hi All,

I have some Category 6 UTP cable to give away.

It's the kind that goes in walls (single core, not designed for
bending repeatedly).

The markings on the boxes are something like "Systimax Gigaspeed XI
Cable Category 6".

I have 3 boxes with the following amounts:
Box 2 - 147.5m (11667.7m to 11520.2m marked on cable)
Box 3 - 66.4m (10357.1m to 10290.7m)
Box 4 - 134.7m (11348.3m to 11213.6m)

It will need to be picked up from Kaleen.

If you are interested email me off list.


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