[clug] Booting problem

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Oct 21 01:25:12 MDT 2009

steve jenkin wrote on 20/10/09 6:51 PM:
> Rod Peters wrote on 18/10/09 8:47 AM:
>> The fact that Keith has put the HDD in a different computer (read different 
>> mainboard) leads me to believe it is probably an initrd issue.  openSUSE puts 
>> the required PATA and/or SATA modules only in the initrd.  Options are:
>> put it back with the original mobo and use Yast to *add* the relevant modules 
>> (which does not appear to be an option in this instance)  Had to do this 
>> myself recently.
>> find another mainboard having same PATA controller
>> boot from CD/DVD and select "repair installed system".  That will do a fairly 
>> thorough review of the config files and should rebuild initrd.
> <snip>
>> Rod

Today's update.


> My current plan is download a fresh SuSE 11.1 disk and go visit Keith
> again tomorrow afternoon.

Running 'repair' from the DVD, almost everything worked - including
I let the DVD re-install grub - which broke the boot loader :-(

The system booted and failed with "No operating system".
Despite farnarkling with /boot/grub/menu.lst a number of ways, I
couldn't get past the error.

I did a fresh install onto the unused partition (but 'ext3' not
'reiserfs') and it boots and runs from the disk OK.

  Could a reiserfs problem account for the failure of grub?
  (no O/S found)

I now have to either try to recover the previous install or migrate the
useful stuff to the new partition...

Hints/Comments anyone?


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