[clug] Booting problem

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Fri Oct 16 21:00:08 MDT 2009

David Tulloh <david at tulloh.id.au> writes:
> keiths at apex.net.au wrote:
>>        I have been loaned a Compaq computer and am trying to boot it into
>> Suse11.3.  I get the usual login screens and then a string of
>> screen messages which end with :
>>        "Could not find /dev/disk/by_id/scsi-SATA_ST3802110A_5LR1ALA9-part2
>>        Want me to fall back to /dev/sda2?  Y/n"
> Nobody else seems to have piped up, so I'll throw in my limited knowledge.

Actually, I ignored this until now, when by complete chance one issue caught
me eye for y'all to check into:

>     /dev/disk/by_id/scsi-SATA_ST3802110A_5LR1ALA9-part2 ...

See the '_' in the 'by_id' part?  On my Debian system there is this:

] ls /dev/disk
by-id  by-label  by-path  by-uuid

Notice the naming?  'by-id', with a '-', not an underscore.

That may well explain why the path you gave is not found, because those names
are (IIRC) upstream udev names, not anything Debian specific.

Outside that, David is pretty much spot on, and you should follow his advice. :)


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