[clug] Computer Recycling Day

Brian Spilsbury brians at en.com.au
Thu Oct 15 04:58:30 MDT 2009

Re recycling Computers

There is a non profit organisation that takes old working computers and 
refurbishes them
for other non profit organisations or people on centre link who do not 
have a computer.

I found out about them as my parents have started U3A in Goulburn and 
have arranged to buy 3 cheap refurbished
computers from them for the U3A group.

Please consider such organisations rather than having the old computers 
shipped and stripped.

The URL for the non profit refurbishing the computers is:

The contact email is:
steve.macready at workventures.com.au


Sam Couter wrote:
> I haven't seen this mentioned yet, so just in case anyone else needs to
> get rid of some old obsolete junk, Dell and the ANU are organising
> another computer recycling day.
> What: Computer recycling
> Where: ANU car park opposite Old Canberra House, Lennox Crossing
> When: Saturday October 17
> http://www.itwire.com/content/view/28129/1176/

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