[clug] pdflatex regressions?

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 01:27:48 MDT 2009

> Bite the bullet and port it to some typesetting or template system you do
> understand?  I confess that, unhelpful as it is to say, I used ConTeXt because
> of this sort of problem with LaTeX.

And on this note, I'd be interested to know what others use (beyond
ConTeXt!) for this.  Myself I tend to use inkscape and sed for complex
graphics heavy stuff.

Just make your template doc, sed the text into placeholders then just go:

   $ inkscape /tmp/fred.svg --output-pdf=out.pdf

I use this all the time in web form and other automation things.  Like
printing 3000 individually numbered raffle tickets with stubs 4-up on
A4 for the kids school last night.. :)


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