[clug] Stories of Microsoft technical meltdown: T-Mobile Sidekick/Danger 'Hiphop', all data lost

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Tue Oct 13 01:10:07 MDT 2009

steve jenkin <sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au> writes:
> Alex Satrapa wrote on 13/10/09 5:20 PM:
>> I can't believe that someone has turned "eating your own dogfood" into a
>> pejorative.
> My reading is that 'dog fooding' means something very different to
> Microsofties...  It is closer to NIH (Not Invented Here), and quite
> obsessive/aggressive - and quite irrational.


> Quotes from 1st article:
> "The sources point to long standing management issues, a culture of
> "dogfooding" (to eradicate any vestiges of competitor's technologies
> after an acquisition), ...

I disagree: this is the "eat your own dogfood" model, taken to the logical
endpoint for a company that is big enough to buy the competition:

You don't just hang on to the, say, Oracle box: you replace it with your own
DBMS, so that your tools work on your own platform.

Then, when that shows you why the new acquisition purchased Oracle you fix
it.  (Ideally, before it hurts the customer, but whatever.)

This isn't really any different to using your own product for new development
in-house, other than the potentially increased risk of customer-visible

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