[clug] Stories of Microsoft technical meltdown: T-Mobile Sidekick/Danger 'Hiphop', all data lost

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Mon Oct 12 23:21:39 MDT 2009

I found these two pieces sent by a friend, completely gob-smacking.
Thought I'd share my amazement with you all.

This saga ended up with a 7+ day service outage (for T-Mobile Sidekick
and possibly a Telstra service) and loss of all customer data.

There are dangers for commercial services run 'in the Cloud' by a
third-party. Sure there's an SLA, but what's it worth when you business
is gone?

BTW: For me, this makes the performance of Google & Android look
stunning (as in outstanding).

"Microsoft's Sidekick/Pink problems blamed on dogfooding and sabotage"


"Exclusive: Pink Danger leaks from Microsoft's Windows Phone"


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