[clug] Networking slows down to unusable levels until restarted; Fast upon resumption

Christopher Giffard christopher.giffard at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 19:59:15 MDT 2009

Thanks for the swift response!

As far as a compromised box - nothing's impossible - but the firewall  
config is pretty tight, and I keep a close eye on traffic. Postfix  
requires authentication. External port scans return nothing suspicious.

I think this is something to do with network cards/drivers, since the  
system worked fine with the old network hardware, but I have no idea  
how to diagnose the issue.

There's about 2.0MiB of constant traffic currently running through  
both NICs (most of that I imagine would be my remote X connection &  
gnome-system-monitor.) CPU and memory usage are at normal levels.


Thanks again!

Christopher Giffard

On 02/10/2009, at 11:35 AM, Brett Worth wrote:
> Perhaps there is in fact a lot of network traffic.  You could do a  
> tcpdump on the external
> interface to see if you do have traffic.
> Downing the interface might just be interrupting the flow.
> Is it possible this system has been compromised and is spamming the  
> world?  Open relay?
> Brett

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