[clug] Expresscard in Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

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> I borrowed a friends Expresscard TV Tuner just for a "quick" experiment to
> see what Ubuntu linux thought of it.  Turns out nothing - nothing was
> reported in /var/log at all.  A bit of searching tells me that the kernel
> module pciehp is required for expresscards to work but my ubuntu 9.10
> default kernel doesn't seem to have that module available.  A bit more
> searching and it looks like the only way I'm gunna get that module is if I
> build the kernel myself and for this quick experiement its not worth it.
> Anybody else noticed this with expresscards or is my install an anomaly?
Which "Expresscard TV Tuner"?? (please).... HP, Leadtech Winfast, 
Avermedia, Pinnacle, Startech... there are a few manufacturers that 
release a product labelled "Expresscard".
You say the module is not in Ubuntu?? (so "/sudo updatedb; sudo locate 
hcihp/" yields nothing??).
I don't have a running Ubuntu beside me at present... but I seem to 
remember the module being present.... will have a look when I get back 
to the workshop this evening.
Have you tried "/sudo mpdprobe hcihp/"????
Any chipset/board ids, /lspci/, /dmesg/, and /lsmod/ output would be 

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