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Alastair D'Silva alastair at d-silva.org
Fri Nov 27 15:13:06 MST 2009

OK, I've registered "makehackvoid.com" - as in "Make it, Hack it, Void it",
with makehack.com redirecting to it. Nothing up yet, but I'll push on and
get a mailing list, with Drupal for forums, blog, etc up tonight (maybe).

I'll poke Ruth (my wife, a usability consultant) to do some work on the IA
of the site. My initial thoughts having some high level categories for the
Make it: Projects where you build stuff
Hack it: Projects where you make stuff do other stuff
Void it: Teardowns, destruction, etc, just for the sake of knowing
Code it: Pure software projects
Learn it: Projects designed to teach & assist development

The idea is to let people put up their own projects in these categories,
ether hosted directly on the site, or with a description and links to their
own site (which I will probably do for my own projects). These would require
moderator approval before going live.

The forums would be a typical free-for-all. Theres a Drupal module for tying
the forums and mailing lists together, I might have a play with that too so
that the mailing list appears in the forums.

PS. If anyone is interested, I got my solar system installed on Thursday:

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