[clug] PCB printing - Queanbeyan

Hugh Blemings hugh at blemings.org
Fri Nov 27 04:27:12 MST 2009


> A funny thing happened on the way home in the taxi. Turns out the driver
> works in a factory producing PCBs.
> http://www.lintek.com.au/contact.html
> Not sure what the prices would be for a small run, but it's worth asking.

As several folks have mentioned, Lintek are a little bit pricey but do 
excellent work.  I got the initial batch of some Arduino/DMX boards done there 
mostly out of simplicity and supporting a local business - they were most 

In practice though, folk like PCBCart are quite a bit cheaper, but offshore.  
That's what Jon used for the Practical Arduino boards etc.


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