[clug] Buying LiveCD disk?

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Thu Nov 12 16:15:57 MST 2009

Felix Karpfen <felix at spodzone.org.uk> writes:

> I am attempting to interest a "Windows-using" friend in Linux.
> It seems to my that a "LiveCD" disk would be the best way show him what
> Linux can do while keeping his familiar setup in tact.
> Unfortunately
> - I have never used a LiveCDs (so do not know where to start);
> - do not know where to look to learn about LiveCD options and
>   capabilities; and
> - would prefer to buy a CD disk rather than burn my own.
> All advice/suggestions will be gratefully received.

I urge you to bend enough to obtain one rewritable CD, then test the LiveCD
options yourself so you *are* familiar with them before you try this.

Using a CD like that has a bunch of limitations and performance quirks that,
frankly, you really need to know about.  Without warning your friend is likely
to take a terrible impression of the tool.

Using a USB key, as others mentioned, will help a bit, but also has quirks...

In the longer term a commercial disk might be a good idea, but until then do
testing on something throw-away or reusable.


Oh, and I urge you to pick whatever distribution you know best, even if their
LiveCD is less nice, because what matters the most is the support you can
provide your friend when they run into trouble.

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