[clug] CanCodeCon possibilities

Andreas electronics45 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 19:15:21 MST 2009

> I and several other people from Canberra and Sydney had a really awesome
> weekend at CodeCon 2009, run by Peter Miller.  I was wondering if anyone
> would be interested in a similar event closer to home.


> Option one is to duplicate Peter's formula - find a campground in state
> forest (one we can run a generator in, which National parks don't allow
> apparently) and go camping for a weekend.  Cost, $30 per person or
> thereabouts for the generator, plus bringing your own stuff.
> Option two is to hire a wing of the Yarrangobilly Caves guest house.  It's
> $500 for a wing over the weekend, but you get seven or nine beds, a full
> kitchen, showers and power.  There's also the warm springs there which make
> for a nice way to relax, as well as some interesting caves to go see.  If we
> get nine people in the guest house this makes it about $55 per person, and
> I'd consider anything under five people in the guest house infeasible.

To be honest, the event would loose a lot of appeal for me if it were
not a camping trip.  I think it would be too tempting to sit around
inside all day.

> I was thinking of something in the March - April 2010 region - after the
> heat has died down but before it gets too cold.

That's a pretty good time.  It won't be as busy as spring, and it
won't conflict with Peter Miller's Codecon.

- Andreas

> If you're interested in one of these ideas, please post to the list so I can
> get an idea of how many people would opt for each one.
> Have fun,
> Paul
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