[clug] Nvidia based Laptops in the $1200-$2000 range

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sat May 30 07:31:03 GMT 2009

> Tell you how I made my thinkpad (T42) work with an external monitor (it's an
> ATI radeon 7500 mob)
> I plugged it in.

ditto. This is for one monitor. I too can make my ATI Radeon based T42
work with dual external monitors (21" + 19" via a docking station)
with the gnome-y thing. Note that this is only working (well) in
Jaunty, before that there was all sorts of grief.  note that currently
there are showstopper XAA vs EXA driver issues with the radeon series

> I run nvidia cards on my desktop and nvidia can only dream of this kind of
> ease of configuration.

?  the nvidia-settings thing works no trouble with my Quad monitor
setup (dual 7800GTX cards) at work.

> Do check this, but I was under the impression that if you wanted external
> monitors on a laptop the best bet was intel on-board graphics by a long way
> as Kieth Packard is in charge of writing the drivers for intel as well as in
> charge of writing x.org.

Well if someone can tell me a laptop choice that will work with dual
external monitors and intel graphics I am all ears.

> Given the ATI vs Nvidia choice again 2 years after the last time I made this
> call, I would definitely lean toward ATI.

Ditto. Find me someone who can make the HDMI + VGA port work on
something with an ATI card and I will buy that!  there are certainly
more ATI based laptops about these days.


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