[clug] Nvidia based Laptops in the $1200-$2000 range

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sat May 30 04:57:29 GMT 2009

>> Is there any manufacturer that I have missed in this range?
> No, but you have a Lenovo SL series machine in that list, which you
> *don't* really want: while they carry the ThinkPad name they are not a
> real thinkpad inside. :/

Aye, no ThinkLight, no HDD shock sensor, poor ACPI support under linux
(so far) for thermal/fan etc. Problem is the new T400 and T500 series
are ATI based. :(

>> Samsung == haven't looked (yet), MSI seem to be expensive for what you
>> get.
> I would class Dell and ASUS in that category as well, from experience,

Interesting, most of the feedback I have had re ASUS so far is
positive. Dell not so much. From having a fiddle with a few of them
today I would certainly put the quality of the newer ASUS machines
right up there with the Lenovo's and Sonys. HP seems to have gone
downhill a bit although there are some very good deals to be had (here
in Canberra) on DV5s and DV3's right now from Harvey Norman in


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