[clug] Nvidia based Laptops in the $1200-$2000 range

Andrew Janke a.janke at gmail.com
Sat May 30 00:46:54 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Here's hoping someone can point out anything that I might have missed.
I need a new laptop and want to drive two external monitors thus I
pretty much need an nvidia based one. (I know ATI is getting better
each and every day but I know how to make nvidia work).

So here is my shortlist.


Is there any manufacturer that I have missed in this range?

Toshiba == ATI only, Sony == $$$, Apple == $$$$$$, Samsung == haven't
looked (yet), MSI seem to be expensive for what you get. Metabox also
somewhat expensive, ITC rather esoteric and hard to find specials on,
but you don't have to have <that other OS>

You can pretty much ignore the highlighting it just represents my
current picks. The current winner is probably the ASUS N51VF but I
plan to dig around Harvey Normans sale today and see what else I can



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