[clug] Beginners' CLUG & Install Fest - website at last

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Thu May 28 23:44:06 GMT 2009

 From memory: the installation method varies depending on the model, but 
for some you need a dhcp, NFS server, and possibly a tftp server.

Just dug up this debian install page 
http://www.cyrius.com/debian/cobalt/install.html. Relevantn bit of 
interest before moving forward:

        a MIPS based Cobalt machine (RaQ1, Qube2, RaQ2, Gateway 
Microserver) with at least 36 MB memory. (If you have less memory, see 
my page about low memory installations.) Please note that the Qube 2700 
(Qube 1) is not supported.

What model Qube is it?


Ben Coughlan wrote:
>> It has some weird old version of Red Hat on it, it uses some sort of
>> 64-bit MIPS processor, I think it need to use a serial console to
>> install a new OS, which I have no ideas how to do but very interested
>> to see how it is done!! ;)
> Off the top of my head; this would involve running your installer/boot 
> disk in a headless mode, and redirecting the console output to the 
> serial port with a command like:
> console=ttyS0
> at your boot prompt.
> Then just open the other end of your serial cable using gtkterm or 
> hyper terminal.
> Of course it all depends greatly on what you're trying to install and 
> how it's been prepared.

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