[clug] looking for webmail with catcha

Daniel Pittman daniel at rimspace.net
Wed May 27 07:20:59 GMT 2009

jm <jeffm at ghostgun.com> writes:
> David Schoen wrote:
>> No, but often enough one IP does equal one user and if you find out you're
>> blocking an organisation you can always put a specific allow in.
>> Also given the lack of information in the original request it's possible
>> Jeff could actually be in a situation where one IP will equal one user.
> This is for the ISP I work for (clue: not netspeed). The key thing I'm trying
> for is easy of maintaince. Hence, why I'd like it in the stardard package. I
> could edit the code, but I don't usually get enough time in one sitting to
> actually do this [1].

This is for commercial use?  Pick any package you care about, then ask
the upstream developers for a price on getting a CAPTCHA implemented,
including long term support in the mainline of the product.

Once you have two or three prices, just pay someone to do it and, viola,
your problem is solved.  Any project big enough to be considered in your
use case is almost certainly going to have a developer happy to
integrate the feature for you.


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