[clug] looking for webmail with catcha

jm jeffm at ghostgun.com
Wed May 27 06:55:34 GMT 2009

David Schoen wrote:
> No, but often enough one IP does equal one user and if you find out you're
> blocking an organisation you can always put a specific allow in.
> Also given the lack of information in the original request it's possible
> Jeff could actually be in a situation where one IP will equal one user.

This is for the ISP I work for (clue: not netspeed). The key thing I'm 
trying for is easy of maintaince. Hence, why I'd like it in the stardard 
package. I could edit the code, but I don't usually get enough time in 
one sitting to actually do this [1]. Worse, when there is an updated 
version I'd have to repatch it. Something that is likely to be 
forgotten. I'd also like to see it be maintainable if I  even leave here.

The three strikes for IP address with white/black listing isn't a bad 
idea. We've tried captchas and some customers end up ringing support for 
help. It probably doesn't help that captcha insists on being under the 
login button.

[1] Hand editing doesn't scale when you have to become familar with each 
packages code base each written in different languages/styles and you 
run quite a few.

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