[clug] Massive Unix poster ( for ANU? )

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue May 26 03:24:41 GMT 2009

Michael James wrote:
> Linux Lovers and especially Bob Edwards,
> Could we adorn the walls of N101 with this:
>     http://www.fpdimages.com/html/StoreOpenSystemsBanner.htm
> Or if there isn't the space there, does ANU have
> a suitable wall somewhere in CompSci or Engineering?
> I want one but don't have the wall space.
> I'd be happy to chip in $20 (or $50) to see it up,
> especially if it was where we could enjoy it monthly.
> michaelj

  - I would prefer to see it produced with at least one or two
	open-source components in the chain (seems that all the
	process steps are done on proprietry software - and why
	not? Most Unices are proprietry...)
  - what to do about patches/upgrades (ie. can I extend it with
	next years additions to the history? And the year after?
	Will it look dated and crap in 5 years?)

Maybe we can make up a similar diagram, possibly of the history
of Linux distributions: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Gldt.svg
and put that up somewhere...


Bob Edwards.

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