[clug] Yubikeys at CLUG meeting

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Tue May 26 01:47:18 GMT 2009

Miles Goodhew wrote:
> All,
>     Just a quick reminder that I'll be at the CLUG meeting on Thursday 
> and will have the shipment of Yubikeys for distribution.
>     I think some people cunningly gave me time-limited mail aliases for 
> contact details (All the spam I'm sending you is bouncing back) and the 
> "all comers" announcement I sent to the CLUG list seems to have died in 
> the tar-pit of "Too many recipients" spamtrap.
>     Anyway, the keys are now all allocated to people who've requested 
> them. If you've not paid elecronically already, they'll be an even $30 
> at the door.
> Thanks,
> M0les.

Speaking of Yubikeys, I have just about finished my "enterprise" Yubikey
server (written in C with a PostgreSQL backend, understands LDAP v3
binds, SSL and plain TCP, with both client and server PAM support).

Already using it for SSH and HTTPS authentication for my home setup and
testing it for use for sys. admins here at my little patch of the ANU.

If anyone thinks this might be interesting for a CLUG or PSIG talk,
let me know. I can also talk about reprogramming them with your own
AES 128bit key and IDs etc. (saves trying to get hold of the keys they
were programmed with by Yubico).


Bob Edwards.

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