[clug] Has anyone got a recent nVidia card working multi-resolution?

Hal Ashburner hal.ashburner at gmail.com
Sat May 23 01:55:35 GMT 2009

Daniel Pittman wrote:
> Boyd <boydwilding at gmail.com> writes:
>> if you are using Debian Lenny, this howto was invaluable for me to get X and
>> my nvidia card working:
> I suggest: http://wiki.debian.org/NvidiaGraphicsDrivers
>> http://desiato.tinyplanet.ca/~lsorense/debian/debian-nvidia-dri-howto.html
> This link is the same set of instructions, but attached to some random
> user on the Internet rather than being part of the official Debian wiki.
> The wiki is likely to keep up to date in the future, too. :)

I'd suggest ignoring both given you've said you are using slackware as 
these are very debian-specific instructions.

1. make sure /usr/src/linux points at your kernel source.
2. Make sure you compile the nvidia gear with the same compiler you used 
for the kernel.
3. Check the module gets loaded successfully.
4. Check your xorg.conf, tweak with nvidia-settings.

Isn't that much simpler? (The payoff for the complexity imposed by deb & 
rpm based distros is that upgrading is easier as is ensuring you have 
the dependencies installed before installing but there is a complexity 
cost to be paid as you can see.)
Now I love debian, I run debian on my server at home. But the whole 
world is not a .deb any more than it is a .rpm. :-)

/nick silly_ranty_rantpants
<silly_ranty_rantpants> having now warmed up I'd like to start on "all 
the world's not an x86" then "BSD is a legitimate choice" then "Solaris 
doesn't eat babies" and maybe finish with a round of "Why can't nvidia 
just release specs and or capital-F-Free drivers like some sane bunnies?"
Should any of this fire you up do feel free to come and frag me in team 
fortress2 or quake live or shooter of your chosing. I play as Oxnard 
Montalvo or Oxnard8 or similar. I'm told I die very artistically. If I 
can only work out this firing back effectively thing I'll give you a 

Actually, what's the best utterly Free 3D first person shooter. Has 
someone done the art using the GPL'd Quake 3 engine to make a really 
cool one yet?

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