[clug] Apropos Linux Beginners: "Linux is not Windows"

steve jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Thu May 21 05:23:19 GMT 2009

I hadn't seen this piece before...
I think it neatly encapsulates and anticipates mind-set problems people
will have embarking on a Journey with Linux.

My Apologies in Advance is this is old news.
Perhaps others in CLUG can point to pages with a different viewpoint.
After all, that is what FOSS does best :-)



"A perfect copy may be equal, but it can never surpass.

"So when you gave Linux a try in hopes that it would be better, you were
inescapably hoping that it would be different.

"Too many people ignore this fact, and hold up every difference between
the two OSes as a Linux failure.


"Don't assume that being a knowledgeable Windows user means you're a
knowledgeable Linux user:

"When you first start with Linux, you are a novice.


And his final line:
"It's not just about "Why should I want Linux?".
"It's also about "Why should Linux want me?"

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