[clug] Re: Any experience with Iinet, naked DSL and belkin four port

Miles Goodhew mgoodhew at gmail.com
Mon May 18 10:27:11 GMT 2009

  OK, I forgot who asked the question originally and I'm lazily not
going to bother finding-out.
  Nevertheless this is the exact setup I use while I'm in Sydney:
Naked iiNet DSL w/ iiNet voip as the primary phone service served
through a 4-port iiNet-badged Belkin modem.
  It seems "OK enough" to me. The modem's currently reporting
6053/1023  Kbps line rate and speedtest.net gives me 4.42/0.66Mbs
reported Internet rates (There are possibly 4 other active devices and
2 human beings leeching bandwidth concurrently, so I wouldn't say
that's a necessarily bad throughput).
  The VOIP side of things mostly seems to work, but "far-end" parties
(i.e. not at this end, but off in POTS land somewhere) periodically
experience break-ups and "brown-outs". Nevertheless this may well be
due to things on this end of the net connection.

Hope that informs,


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